I make paintings and collages out of objects that make up the decor of your house and the make-up you put on in that house.

My work is that whole moment of eternity laying on the couch, taking in all of those paparazzi pictures from the Daily Mail Snapchat because you just refreshed your Facebook and Instagram and there is nothing new yet.

My work is all of those hours you spent watching YouTube makeup tutorials for how to make your lips bigger with drugstore make up, all of that learning how you should look from watching the Kardashians, the Bachelor and everything else you consumed when we still had to use AIM and lived in a world without an internet filled with open discussions of feminism or body positivity or mental health awareness.

My work is all of those times you watched HGTV or the Food Network as a ‘break’ but were still reminded of how you aren’t working hard enough on being pretty, or getting a job, or decorating your house all while looking like some gremlin that just crawled up from the sewer because you haven’t washed your hair today (haha, my body is 50% coffee, 50% dry shampoo).

My work is all of that anxiety of absolutely everything and the couches you laid on and the house you were in when you felt it, together, flattened out, distilled and formalized.


“Extracted from hell, the gemstone came to symbolize hell, and took on its fundamental characteristic: the inhuman.” / Roland Barthes

“Liz, it's okay to be a human woman.

No, it's not. It's the worst, because of society.” / 30 Rock

"Is it your duty as a female in the punk community to have a specific political agenda when making art? I sure wish I was a dude, then—I could make party songs and not have to worry about all the people I was letting down." Bree McKenna


/ October 2017